Kelp Science

Mohammad Sedarat‘s Ph.D. research: 

The climate is changing. Can kelp forests adapt? My work explores the ecological, physiological, and genetic aspects of giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) in the face of rising ocean temperatures and changing environmental conditions. My goal is to understand the adaptability of southern California kelp forests, some of our most biodiverse marine ecosystems, and provide insights critical to their survival and restoration.
Image: Jenny Adler


Uncovering the Impact of Climate Change on Kelp Health:

How do rising ocean temperatures, driven by climate change, affect the health and dynamics of kelp beds in San Diego?
Image: Jenny Adler


Deciphering the Genetic Role in Thermal Response:

Do genetic variations in San  Diego kelp beds impact their ability to withstand ocean warming?
Image: Jenny Adler

Unveiling Embryonic Thermal Tolerance:

How do microscopic life stages of kelp respond to ocean heat waves?
Can we preserve kelp diversity before the next heatwave?
Image: Pichaya Lertvilai

Assessing Field Survival of Kelp Transplants:

How do transplanted kelp fare in new environments and is there a link to their thermal tolerance?
Image: Michael Borchard